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So you are interested in Gravely tractors.  You'll find Gravely Tractors history below, as well as used Gravely tractors
and parts available right now on-line.  You can bid on them and get a better deal than at  a retail parts or lawn
equipment store.
Producing both two-wheel
walk-behinds and riding lawn
mowers, Gravely tractors are not
known as a farm tractor.

Established in the early 1900s,
Gravely Tractor of Brillion,
Wisconsin is a manufacturer of  
power lawn and garden

Gravely Tractors was owned by
the Studebaker Corporation of
South Bend, Indiana, in the
1960s. Gravely was later sold by

Today, Gravely Tractors provide
a full line of power equipment for
gravely tractors
gravely tractors
gravely tractors
gravely tractors
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