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US Tractor Pulling is devoted to finding and filming tractors pulling
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site features lawn tractor pulling and farm tractor pulling - both
modified and stock classes. We hope you enjoy your visit.  Be
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Tractor Pulling!
Tractor Pulling in the Heartland
Tractor pulling is rural America's passion.  Tractor
pullers are the quiet heroes of the tractor pulling sport
with fans craving to see horsepower and good, clean,
family competition.  Tractor pulling truly focuses on
community with a simple task set before them.  
Rivalries are built along with the amazing tractors that
pull the weighted sleds.

This wonderful tractor pulling video by Justin Francese
captures this spirit of the tractor pull.  He not only
recorded older and newer tractors in action, but took
the time to interview people in and around the tractor
pulling sport.  The clip centers around the Schnitkers
of Illinois and their tractors built for pulling.  These
men have dominated their class and give us their
insights into the sport while catching highlights of a
tractor pulling event.

Take some time to experience tractor pulling by
watching his film, and come to understand the long
hours and many dollars spent by common people to
create the thrill called
the tractor pull.
More on US Tractor Pulling:  We collect tractor pulling videos from tractor pulls with lawn tractors, garden
tractors & farm tractors.  You'll see John Deere tractors pulling sleds, along with Case, Ford, Kubota, Cub Cadet, Allis
Chalmers, Farmall, International, Gravely, Wheelhorse, Craftsman, Power King, Ferguson, Farm Pro, Mahindra, Oliver and
antique tractors.  It is funny to watch lawn
tractors pulling sleds with kids driving them; or even funnier watching old men
on their garden
tractor, pulling weighted sleds down a dirt track - many of the tractors having modified engines!  
Remarkably, some of the
tractors are still used, working farms and mowing lawns throughout this great country.

History of Tractor Pulling: Tractor pulling is typically a weekend competition using farm, garden and lawn tractors to pull
heavy sleds along a dirt track.  Tractor pulling is very popular recreation in the Midwestern United States.  The tractor
pulling sled offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled, as the weight climbs slowly over the front of the sled, the
further it is pulled.  Sheer
tractor pulling power creates a great deal of noise, excitement, and sometimes fire and smoke,
as dirt is thrown up into the air. There are several tractor pulling classes, from stock and hot stock tractors to custom built
tractors with engines from other vehicles even (See
Tractor Pulling Classes) .  There are several tractor pulling
associations, such as the American and National Tractor Pullers Associations, European Tractor Pulling Committee,
Australian Tractor Pullers Association, and the British Tractor Pullers Association (See
Tractor Pulling Associations).

It is believed, that in the early 1900s, typical farmer contests to test the strength of their horses by loading wagons with
more and more weight, began to evolve into local tractor pulling events, as machines began to replace the beloved
equines.  Tractor pulling therefore originated in the U.S.A.

Officially in 1929, tractor pulling found its first major events in Bowling Green, Missouri and Vaughansville, Ohio.  However,
tractor pulling did not become popular until the 1950s and 60s.  Tractor pulling rules were first organized in 1969 by
representatives from eight states creating a tractor pulling book of.  For a decade, tractor pulling had only stock and
modified tractors in tractor pulling events.  A stock tractor was the standard commercially available chassis and engine,
while modified tractors typically had an engine from a different type of vehicle mounted into it.  This all changed when two
Ohio brothers figured out how to advance tractor pulling by adding a cross-box, multiple engine mount.  It was not
uncommon to see a tractor pulling the sled with four engines mounted on it!  The stock tractor pulling class soon began
adding modified engines themselves, from slight modified (hot stock) to turbo-charged engines.  No longer was the family
farm tractor being used to plow fields, as it became an expensive, modified tractor pulling machine.  Eventually, tractors
lost their appearance and began looking like dragsters. This led to other tractor pulling stock classes to be created, so all
could compete (super-stock, pro-stock, mini-modified, etc).
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Tractor Pulling Dangers
Tractor pulling can also be dangerous at times.

The stresses and strains put on tractors, their engines,
frames, wheels, as well as connections to the sled, at
times will break.  These may be witnessed by the crowd as
blown engines, flying parts, explosions, etc.  Tractor pulling
can be very interesting to watch for the spectator!

At right, you can watch an engine blow-up during a
tractor pull.  It is followed by a small explosion!

The sheer horsepower may not always be handled well by
the equipment
or the tractor pulling driver.  If a tractor gets
out of control, crashes can happen.  Though protected, the
tractor pulling drivers do take a risk while driving their
mighty farm machines.  For example, watch the tractor
pulling video (below) and see how a wheel busts loose
while sending the tractor into the barrier.  Fortunately, the
driver was alright after being rattled inside his cage:

Tractor Pulling Wreck Video