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The use of lawn tractors has swept the world, as higher incomes have made it possible to afford both lawn tractors
and the larger property to take care of with it.  Here is some interesting info about lawn tractors...
lawn tractors
Lawn Tractors

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Modified Lawn Tractors
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Power King Tractors
These lawn tractors ruled
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Craftsman Tractors
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Lawn Tractors
Resembling small tractors with the cutting
deck mounted midship between the front
and rear axles, lawn tractors are owned by
many suburbanite families who have larger
properties.  Engines on lawn tractors may
be front or rear mount, with front mounted
being the most popular.  Most lawn tractors
cut grass using the horizontal rotating blade
system, mostly with multiple blades.

The first lawn
mower was invented by an
English engineer, Edwin Beard Budding in
1827.  His patent in 1830 described "a new
combination and application of machinery
for the purpose of cropping or shearing the
vegetable surfaces of lawns, grass-plants
Older Cub Cadet (above) and
Craftsman (below) lawn tractors.
lawn tractors
and pleasure grounds." The patent  stated that "country gentlemen
may find in using my machine themselves an amusing, useful and
healthy exercise."  Indeed they would, as lawn tractors evolved into
mowers for easier landscape management.
Below: Garden, CUT and smaller
lawn tractors for comparison...
lawn tractors
John Deere started production of its first lawn tractors in 1963,
although lawn tractors really began being developed in the United
States and Europe right after World War II.  In the US,
Wheel Horse
and Bolens battled back and forth for supremacy, while the bigger
tractor manufacturers struggled to create lawn tractors and garden
tractors for the common man.  Cub Cadet was just one example of
a bigger tractor company (International Harvester) creating a line of
what was to become legendary lawn tractors.

Wheel Horse founder Elmer Pond really was one of the first to
commercialize small, four-wheeled garden tractors and then make
them even smaller, as lawn tractors were born.  His Ride Away
lawn tractors were a little bit too large for home owners and so in
1955 Elmer introduced RJ-35 Junior lawn tractors.  It is considered
to be the world's first miniature garden tractor (or lawn tractor), and
truly helped to launch Wheel Horse into a national company almost
overnight.  Their lawn tractors were also able to do multiple tasks.  Of
course his great ideas and success woke up other lawn tractor
competitors.  Smaller tractor sales declined in Europe in the late 1950s,
while sales soared in the United States for the smaller horsepower lawn
tractors.  Eventually, Wheel Horse was distributed in Europe in the 1960s
and sales of lawn tractors soared in Europe as well, besting all other
tractor models.

Like today, lawn tractors sold very well in the 1960s and 1970s, but then
attachments and extras became the latest wave of engineering.  Buyers
loved lawn tractors with more features and Simplicity was a leader in that
category.   Sears Craftsman brand lawn tractors became popular, as lawn
tractors became even more widely distributed through the giant retailer.  

Some of the bigger lawn tractors today are called Compact Utility Tractors
or CUT.  They can of course cut a lawn, but can also plow snow, rototill
dirt and broadcast seed.  They size-up between bigger
garden tractors
and smaller lawn tractors.  Lawn tractors today are made by numerous
manufacturers from all over the world, with features and price being the
primary differentiators.
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Rotary mowers were not created until
engines were smaller and more powerful  
to run the blades at a higher speed.  In the
early 1930s, experiments of rotary mowing
equipment were conducted by a farmer in
the United States by C.C Stacy.   His
smaller, toothed-saw blades did not work
too well, so he never submitted any of his
ideas for patent, although drawings of his
lawn mower ideas still exist with his family
members.  Stacy believed that his ideas for
rotary mowing equipment began with him,
as he had never seen or heard of any lawn
mowing equipment other than cylinder or
reel type mowers prior to formulating the
rotary mower concept.