Tractor Pulling Associations

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Tractor pulling began getting organized in the late sixties, as groups joined forces to try and regulate all of the
tractor pulling action!  Today there are many different tractor pulling organizations and associations around the
world, and not just in the United States where tractor pulling originated.  Below we have listed some of the major
tractor pulling associations within the U.S.
Tractor Pulling Associations!
The NTPA (National Tractor Pullers Association) was
established in 1969 by tractor pulling enthusiasts from
eight states.  The group was formed to create and
establish structure and unify tractor pulling rules.  The
NTPA rulebook has been adopted by most other tractor
pulling associations across the world.  The group is
managed by the WPI (World Pulling International).

USAP (USA Pulling) is located in New York, and has
over 200 events annually.  Established in 1991, the
American Tractor Pullers Association was acquired by
USAP in 2006, and sanctions truck and tractor pulling
events throughout the US.

NTPC (National Tractor Pulling Championships)
supports truck and tractor pulling worldwide.  The group
traces its roots back to 1962.
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