Tractor Pulling: Leaning Body Weight

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Some tractor pulling clubs have rules against using body weight and leaning, but if need be and it is
allowed, you can lean your body to help steer your unruly tractor down the track.  You will sometimes see
a guy desperately leaning one way or the other with an arm outstretched, flying down the tractor pulling
track.  What's up with that?  Here's an explanation tof leaning your body weight and why it works.
Tractor pulling : Leaning Body Weight - Why?
When there is a smaller tractor (lawn or garden) with a lot
of power, there may not be any good way to get the tractor
to pull straight down the track.  Having a narrow rear wheel
base will be helpful to guiding the tractor straight, but not
always.  Leaning to one side or the other (transferring
body weight distribution), rather than running out of the
boundary line is the best, quickest solution.  

Which direction do you lean?  Believe it or not, it is best to
lean toward the direction the tractor is heading, rather than
the direction you want to go.  Think of it this way:  Lean
your body towards the closest outside of the track, to
straighten the tractor up.  What you are essentially doing
is transferring the weight from one rear tire to the other.  
You are effectively removing traction from the tire that is
biting into the dirt best, and giving better traction to the
other tire to push you the direction you wish to go.

Another method of using body weight during tractor pulling
is to try and lean forward and give the front tires some
“bite” into the dirt to help direct the tractor during the pull.  
Of course, you may just be able to add some weight to the
front of the tractor before pulling the sled.
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