Tractor Pulling Power

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How can I get more pulling power from my tractor?  There are many simple and basic modifications that can be
done to the tractor to increase pulling power.  But the thing many tractor pulling novices forget is that pulling
power does not only come from the engine alone.  You can have the strongest of engines and not make it very far
down the track with the sled!
Tractor Pulling Power!
Horse power is what powers the tractor down the track, so
obviously the more power that can be gleaned from the
tractor pulling engine, the more weight can be pulled.

Yet, other things are important in successful tractor pulling,
such as weight distribution, and tire selection (and cutting
of the tires for increased traction, preferring to work more
on friction to spin-start and powering into the pulling of the
sled, rather than focusing solely on grip).

Speaking of tires, the University of Nebraska found that
narrower tires did better at pulling than wide tires.  Many
people believe that wider tires will increase traction, due
to the larger footprint.  That's not always the case, but
wider tires
do pull better in wet or sandy soils and reduce
soil compaction.  

One needs to try new ideas to consistently improve at
tractor pulling.  Tractor pullers must experiment with
different combinations of engine adjustments, tires and
distribution of weight to improve the tractor's overall
pulling power, and that is all just part of the fun.
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