Tractor Pulling Tricks

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Alright, you have read about some of our tractor pulling info, but we thought it best to begin giving some
tractor pulling tricks...ideas you can implement to help in your tractor pulling endeavors.

Some of these tractor pulling tricks are obvious, while others are rather ingenious...
Tractor pulling tricks!!
Tractor Pulling Tricks: Change seat & steering wheel
Using a smaller steering wheel and a seat with a lower
back will allow the tractor puller to be able to lean forward
and backward more.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Lighten the rear end
There are a lot of things that can be done to light the rear
end and transfer weight forward to even weight
distribution on the tractor pulling tractor.  The simplest way
to lighten the rear end is to use aluminum wheels and
fiberglass fenders.  Aluminum wheels require less power
from the engine to be turned than steel, too.  An aluminum
seat can also be used (shortened).  If you wish to spend
some more money, then you could also add aluminum
axle housings on some tractors (Cub Cadets), and/or use
an aluminum transaxle case and reduction gear housing.  
The goal of lightening the tractor’s rear end is to add
leverage and weight to the front of the tractor, reducing
front end rise and applying pressure to the rear tires.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Add weight to the front end
Making a solid front axle can add weight to front end, too.
Tractor Pulling Tricks: Lighten the front end
Sometimes there is too much weight in the front end of pulling tractors.  You could add aluminum axle
housings if available, aluminum front axle, aluminum front wheels with lighter tires, fiberglass hood, and
move tractor parts backward such as fuel tank (if mounted forward) and battery.  Remove all
unnecessary brackets, mower deck hardware, etc.  Maybe hitch is too far forward and needs to be
moved backward away from the transaxle.  Some people use a lighter starter on their pulling tractor, and
go with a remote start mechanism.  Of course, it may also help to simply add weight to the rear by using
steel wheels, too.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Move the tractor axles
It is possible to reinforce the tractor frame and move the front axle forward.  This will most likely require
moving the tractor engine first.  You can also move the rear transaxle backward, but this will require
frame reinforcement, a longer coupler for the driveshaft (must be fabricated out of heavy wall steel
tubing), and linkage to brakes and shift lever may also need lengthened.  The longer wheelbase will
improve traction and weight distribution.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Move the hitch
Lower the hitch (stay within pulling limits) and move it toward the transaxle 7”-8” from transaxle.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Try different gears.
You may find your tractor pulls better in a faster gear.

Tractor Pulling Tricks: Lower the front end
Add leverage to the front of the tractor by using smaller wheels and tires, effectively lowering it closer to
the ground.  You may find it better to fabricate a different axle with a pivot in the center or one that is
mounted upside down to lower the wheels.  Be creative, but use strong materials and reinforce your
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