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Truck pulling videos featuring various
pickups yanking the sled!  

Watch these pulling trucks in the following
videos pull heavy weighted sleds down
the dirt track at the Canton, Ohio - Stark
County fairgrounds in 2007.

These special videos also have a pulling
truck whose engine bursts into flames!

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Truck Pulling Videos
The following trucks were
pulling sleds in Canton,
Ohio the Fall of 2007...

El Camino Pulling Video
Hot Chevy has a great pull
then bursts into flames!

S10 Truck Pull Video
Two-tone Chevy does
pretty good in this truck
pulling video.

Chevy S10 Truck Video
Truck pulling video gets off
to a slow start.

Dakota Pulling Video
Dodge pickup giving it all
in this truck pull video.
Truck Pulling Videos
A few more Super Stock
tractors yanking the sled!

T Bucket Truck Video
Yes, a Ford Model T
pickup pulls in this truck
pulling video.

Out of Control Video
Nice truck pulling video
from this old truck model!

Chevy SSR Pull Video
Modern-looking, old-style
truck pulling video.

Willy's Truck Pulling
This ole' truck has a nice
truck pulling videos
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