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So you want to purchase a used tractor or maybe even used tractors (one for parts) and begin tractor pulling?  One of the best
places for used tractors and new or used tractor parts is on-line.  You can bid on them and get a better deal than you might expect.
The best way to find a used
tractor is to first look at an on-line
auction site, such as eBay.  If you
look near their search box, you
will find a link called advanced
search, which will take you to a
page where you can search for
closed auctions.  It is important to
research other used tractors and
the prices they sell for.  Used
tractor purchase information,
such as this, can be extremely
helpful whether you purchase
one online or not.  Let good
research guide your decision.

To bid on a used tractor from the
multitude of used tractors on e-
Bay, we suggest putting in what’s
known as a proxy offer, which is
the most you are willing to pay.  
This way, the highest price you
would like to spend for a used
tractor will remain hidden, unless
someone else eventually outbids
you, and you will not have to
check every minute to see if
someone has offered more than
your initial offer.  Allow the site to
work for you, by letting it
incrementally raise your offer, as
others try and take it from you.  
The typical “raise amount”
generally is governed by the total
dollar amount of the item, but will
typically range from $.50-$10. –
not a big deal if you want that
good used tractor.  Be sure and
pay close attention to
descriptions, shipping terms,
payment terms, good photos and
especially seller reputation.  Your
attention to details will eventually
pay off, especially if the person
selling has no idea what their
used tractor is worth (think about
if it’s a hard to come by used
tractor model that you steal for

You will find the used tractor
selection available by computer
to be enormous and changing
daily, as people from all over the
world are placing their used
tractors for sale.  The world truly
has gotten smaller.  We
recommend searching their
website several different ways, to
bring up every used tractor
available.  For example, you may
want to search the terms: used
tractor, lawn tractor, garden
tractor, pulling tractor, John
Deere tractor, lawn mower, etc.  
You get the idea.  Each search
result will have different used
tractors available for purchase.  
After getting used to the idea of
buying a used tractor this way,
you just may find yourself listing
your own used tractor to sell with
them, as well.
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