Weighting a Tractor for Pulling

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Find out how weighting the pulling tractor helps and where weights should be placed on the tractor before a pull.
Weighting the Tractor Pulling Tractor - Adding Weights
The goal in weighting a tractor for pulling is to keep the
front of the tractor as low as possible, and therefore
forcing the hitch upward, as high as possible.  The weight
of the sled will then put weight over the rear tires and help
with traction.  Many people try and add weight only to the
front of the tractor, but the best place to position the
weights are underneath the tractor, but before the rear
wheels.  A lower center of gravity is best, and will help the
tractor from heading side to side as it pulls the sled down
the track. Adding weights higher on the tractor will only
make it top heavy and cause it to go awkward down the
track.  Wheel weights should be avoided, as weights
need to be under the tractor for the best results.  Tractors
will pull best when all the weight is on the rear tires and the
front tires barely touch the ground.  Weights should
therefore be adjustable, able to be moved on the tractor,
so as to balance it for different track conditions.  Hard or
soft tracks need the weight back, but before the rear
wheels, while wet tracks may require the weight to be
moved forward, even to the front, to make it down the
slippery track.  Remember, if the tires bite into the dirt too
much (especially with slower, stock tractors), the weight
may need to be adjusted forward.
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